Ever wish you had a Fairy Godmother
who knew everything you needed for your website
and just took care it all for you?

I'm here, it's me!

Just like in the age-old Disney story, let me be your Fairy Godmother of Tech, I know everything you need and you don't need to worry about a thing!

Now you're ready to focus on what you do best and have me wave

my magic wand to make your website just as beautiful as the pumpkin-turned-carriage.

You'll not only get a beautiful website, you'll also get one that does it's job, be your 24/7 sales assistant.

You get my 30+ years of sales and marketing and my 14+ years of web design to make your website stand out and work FOR you. Your website will be designed with marketing in mind.

It's time to have the website you've been dreaming of!


We'll talk about what's important to you, how you want your website to look & how you want it to feel. We'll also talk about your customer journey and how your website will support that.

Unlike a fairytale, all of the magic I create continues past midnight.

Next We'll schedule your Design Call

We'll get down to the nitty gritty and make sure we're ready for your VIP day. We'll look at some example sites, develop your list of must-haves and what connections you may need like your calendar or CRM.

Then We'll schedule your VIP Day

This is where I completely concentrate on you and your design! You get an entire day dedicated just for you. You won't have to be sitting next to me or on Zoom. We'll figure out our communication (text, email, etc) in advance. I'll send over previews and you just need to get back to me in 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, you just go on about your day as usual!

And, at the end of the day, like magic, your website is done!


I work with many different platforms. I come at websites from a marketing point of view but it also needs to look pretty! We can do a website in a day during a VIP day or we can work on it over time.


Automations are your friend! But sometimes, just like any real friend, they drive you nuts! We jump in and find where your automations are driving you crazy and fix them. We also look for opportunities to incorporate automation to make your life easier and make you more money!

Other stuff

I'm a lover of all things tech which means I know a ton of different platforms. And even if I don't, chances are I can pick it up super quick or someone on my team knows it! From time trackers, course hosting, credit card processing and more.

Raving Fans

  • "If you want the most real human being to help you make something that feels scary and hard feel so so so simple, Beth's your gal"
    ―Whitney Horton • Social Butterflies
  • I've wanted a fairy godmother since I was a child. Thankfully I now have one with Beth. I needed help with my SEO; she was there. Couldn't get my website going: she waved her magic wand & now I have a website I'm not embarrassed by. I don't know of anything she can't do.
    ―Sandy Stricker • Emerging Confidence
  • Beth Riegger knows intuitively what a business needs to be promoted and to be successful. She has a laser focus on creating a marketing strategy. Her hard work paid for itself within ten days of my new web page being active.
    ―Barbara May • Barbara May Law
  • Beth is easy going, accessible, and insightful. She explains the process in laymen’s terms so that I can understand and even navigate my website to add and update photos and information.
    ―Julie Burkhart • Burkhart Design Studio

"I've wanted a fairy godmother since I was a child. Thankfully I now have one with Beth. I needed help with my SEO; she was there. Couldn't get my website going: she waved her magic wand & now I have a website I'm not embarrassed by. I don't know of anything she can't do."

- Sandy Stricker,

Emerging Confidence

Hi, I'm Beth, Your Fairy Godmother of Tech

Hi, I'm Beth, Your Fairy Godmother of Tech

When I first started my business 14+ years ago, I watched all the videos, read all of the blogs, followed all of the gurus, and paid for course after course. I learned a lot and found that it came easy to me! I saw my fellow entrepreneurs around me struggling with their websites so I started helping them. I'm the biggest geek that speaks human as well. That's why people love working with me, I make it easy for them to understand and I just wave my magic wand (yes, I do actually have one!) and it all gets done.

Here's the magic I can work for you


Your website needs to reflect the professional that you are! Let's whip that into shape and make sure your website says who you serve, exactly what you do and how people can contact you.

VIP Days

VIP Days and Half Days are for you if you have a punch list of items that need to get done from website updates to automations to testing, to connecting all of your technology.

Strategy /Coaching

Let's work through your customer journey, map out your marketing plan, review your current marketing plan or sit side by side (virtually or in person) to train you on your technology.

On-Going Support

I have several clients that we work on case by case basis determined by their current needs. From updating your Wordpress site to fine-tuning a workflow to swapping out content & images.




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