Here are the detailed instructions for implementing

the code to allow a text box in Funnel Gorgeous

  1. Create your new page for your Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy. I have combined these pages into the same page.

  1. Next, you want to open a text editor or word doc or google doc. What ever your text doc of choice is, it doesn't matter! I use "text edit" on my mac. Copy the URL of your new page and paste it into this document.

  1. Now, you will need an account with Go Highlevel Experts to get their script. It is copyrighted so we want to make sure we're legal! They have paid and free things you can use in there once you get your account. This script, however, is free.

  1. Next, you want to copy the code found on the page the button below leads you to. Scroll down the page to the code area and click the right corner where the copy code icon is. You can listen to the video but it's REALLY quiet!

  1. Paste the code into your text editor because we're going to need to make some changes.

  1. You will change the words in #1 "By checking this box, you agree to our " to what ever you want those words to be. Maybe you change "our" to "my" or you have other words you want to use.

  2. Be sure to add a space after the last word in the quotes.

  3. Then change the url in #2 to the url of your Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy page (you've saved yourself some work by having it at the top of your open document!

  4. Lastly, change the text in #3 "terms and conditions" to what you will be using. I changed mine to "Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy"

  5. Once finished with these updates, highlight from "<script>" to </script>"

    and copy it.

  1. Head over to your page that you want to add the checkbox for agreeing to the Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy, add a new code module.

  2. Open the code editor and paste your code there.

  3. Save the module and save the page!

  4. Preview your work and voilà, it's done!

  5. Be sure to save the document so you can always refer back to it!

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