You've heard about Google Analytics, why the heck should you use it?

  • Tracks what pages people are looking at

  • Tracks how long they stay on your website

  • Shows you which of your pages are the most popular

  • What are they using to access your website (mobile, desktop, which browser)

  • Shows you where how people are finding your site (social media, someone else's blog post)

  • It's FREE!

  • Shows demographics of the visitors (age, gender, geographic location)

  • Set goals to track success on your website

  • Tons of great reports

  • Track goals (like when someone clicks to call you or fills out a form, etc)

  • Understand why visitors are leaving your site


  • If you don't upgrade it, you won't be able to do any of this!

Don't lose all of this powerful tracking & reporting information!

Ok, ok, ok, Beth, you've convinced me, I need it.

Now what?

Let me upgrade it for you.

Yep, that's right, for only $47!

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Don't have Google Analytics?

Don't worry, girl, I got you covered! I'll install your Google Analytics for you as well as make sure you have the new upgraded version!

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