Unleash Your Online Power With Your Website

Imagine having the website of your dreams...in one day!

The Ultimate One-Day Transformation for Female Entrepreneurs Ready to Dominate the Digital World!

Are you tired of battling your website and ready to conquer it?

My VIP Website In A Day service is your secret weapon to create a

show-stopping online presence in just one day.

Let's do this!

The VIP Experience

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Have Extraordinary?

All of the magic I create lasts past midnight!

Here's all of the magic:

  • Prep work: Website guide that gathers all of the info to make our day great!

  • Design call: To fully understand your needs and design

  • One-day website design magic: Fast results without the fuss

  • Unwavering focus on YOU: Your vision, your goals, your success

  • Tailored to perfection: Custom designs as unique as you

  • Skip the headaches: Streamlined process, smooth sailing

  • Empowerment through knowledge: Post-design training library so you can make updates on your own!

  • Post launch support: 14 days of support for questions and tech issues

One day? Really?

You heard me right. I've been building websites for 14 years. What I can do in a day could take you months! Plus, I'm only working with YOU on this day, no one else! By working with you on our design call and you submitting all of your information beforehand, this expedites the process tremendously!

One note of importance, you are booking me for the day, not a set of "deliverables." However, because of my experience and tried & true processes, I'm able to knock out even the hardest websites in one day! In one day, we can usually get a 3-5 page website completed with some integrations. If you need more than that, we'll discuss that on your connection call!

Why not just have my brother do this for me?

Your brother may dabble in web design and may have published a few successful websites. But he’s doing you a favor so you know where you go on his priority list, that’s right, the bottom. What if you don’t like what he did? Are you going to make Christmas awkward and call him out on it?Think of this workshop as a way to keep the family peace and make sure you’ve got a professional website that represents you perfectly.

Will I need to be available all day?

You won't need to be next to me IRL, or on zoom or the phone – just be available to answer any questions within 5-10 minutes via our agreed communication channel.

How do I prepare for the VIP Day?

If this is a brand new site, you'll need a domain name and a hosting account. Don't worry, I'll help you with all of this!

If this is a redesign, you'll need your usernames and passwords.

Do I own my website?

Absolutely 100%! If you host your site with me or on your own, you own it all.

Raving Fans

"I've wanted a fairy godmother since I was a child. Thankfully I now have one with Beth. I needed help with my SEO; she was there. Couldn't get my website going: she waved her magic wand & now I have a website I'm not embarrassed by. I don't know of anything she can't do."

- Sandy Stricker,

Emerging Confidence

Hi, I'm Beth, Your Fairy Godmother of Tech

Hi, I'm Beth, Your Fairy Godmother of Tech

When I first started my business 14+ years ago, I watched all the videos, read all of the blogs, followed all of the gurus, and paid for course after course. I learned a lot and found that it came easy to me! I saw my fellow entrepreneurs around me struggling with their websites so I started helping them. I'm the biggest geek that speaks human as well. That's why people love working with me, I make it easy for them to understand and I just wave my magic wand 🪄 (yes, I do actually have one!) and it all gets done.

Ready to unleash your full online potential? Let's talk so you can secure your spot and get rocking!

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