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Cinderella and her website

The Story of Cinderella

April 17, 20233 min read

“A Website is window through which your business says hello to the world.” - Amit Kalantri

Once upon a time, in a bustling digital kingdom, there lived a hardworking entrepreneur named Cinderella. She had a dream, a vision to make her mark in the online world. But, like most entrepreneurs, she faced numerous challenges and roadblocks that seemed to stand in the way of her online success.

Cinderella had a great business idea, and all she wanted was to create the perfect website to showcase her products and services. But she was overwhelmed by the endless options, technical jargon, and the time it took to create a website on her own. Little did she know that her life was about to change.

One day, as she sat on the edge of her bed, scrolling through social media, feeling defeated, she came across an a post for the VIP Website in a Day Service. Intrigued, she clicked on it, and it was then that she first encountered her very own Fairy Godmother of Tech.

Beth Riegger | Fairy Godmother of Tech

The Fairy Godmother of Tech, a renowned expert in the world of website creation, appeared in a swirl of magical pixels. With a warm smile, she said, "Cinderella, sister, I know exactly what you need, and I can make it happen in just one day."

Cinderella couldn't believe her ears. Was it really possible to have her dream website up and running in just one day? The Fairy Godmother of Tech reassured her, "Trust me, I know everything you need to bring your vision to life. Let me be your guide, and together we'll create a website that will make your dreams come true."

Magic Wand

With a flick of her magic wand, the Fairy Godmother of Tech got to work. She listened intently to Cinderella's vision and understood her unique requirements. She crafted a stunning, mobile-responsive website that was easy to navigate and showcased Cinderella's business in the best possible light.

Throughout the day, the Fairy Godmother of Tech made sure that Cinderella's website was equipped with all the essential features, including SEO optimization, social media integration, and a user-friendly platform that allows Cinderella to make her very own updates. It wasn't long before Cinderella's dream website was complete and ready to make its grand debut.

As the clock struck midnight 🕕 (well, actually 4pm CST 🤣), Cinderella's new website went live. She couldn't believe her eyes. In just one day, her Fairy Godmother had transformed her online presence and given her the tools she needed to succeed in the digital world.

From that day forward, Cinderella's business flourished. Her website attracted a steady stream of clients who were captivated by its design and impressed by its seamless user experience. It was a happily ever after for Cinderella, and all thanks to her Fairy Godmother Of Tech's VIP Website in a Day Service.

The Fairy Godmother Of Tech's magic continued to touch the lives of countless entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their dreams by providing the perfect online platform for their businesses. With the VIP Website in a Day Service, the Fairy Godmother of Tech ensured that no one would ever feel overwhelmed or left behind in the ever-changing digital landscape.

And don't worry, all of my magic 🪄 lasts past midnight and there's no pumpkins 🎃 or mice 🐭 involved!

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Raving Fans

  • "If you want the most real human being to help you make something that feels scary and hard feel so so so simple, Beth's your gal"
    ―Whitney Horton • Social Butterflies
  • I've wanted a fairy godmother since I was a child. Thankfully I now have one with Beth. I needed help with my SEO; she was there. Couldn't get my website going: she waved her magic wand & now I have a website I'm not embarrassed by. I don't know of anything she can't do.
    ―Sandy Stricker • Emerging Confidence
  • Beth Riegger knows intuitively what a business needs to be promoted and to be successful. She has a laser focus on creating a marketing strategy. Her hard work paid for itself within ten days of my new web page being active.
    ―Barbara May • Barbara May Law
  • Beth is easy going, accessible, and insightful. She explains the process in laymen’s terms so that I can understand and even navigate my website to add and update photos and information.
    ―Julie Burkhart • Burkhart Design Studio

"I've wanted a fairy godmother since I was a child. Thankfully I now have one with Beth. I needed help with my SEO; she was there. Couldn't get my website going: she waved her magic wand & now I have a website I'm not embarrassed by. I don't know of anything she can't do."

- Sandy Stricker,

Emerging Confidence

Hi, I'm Beth, Your Fairy Godmother of Tech

Hi, I'm Beth, Your Fairy Godmother of Tech

When I first started my business 12+ years ago, I watched all the videos, read all of the blogs, followed all of the gurus, and paid for course after course. I learned a lot and found that it came easy to me! I saw my fellow entrepreneurs around me struggling with the tech needed to run their businesses so I started helping them. From websites, to social media, to marketing to automations, I'm the biggest geek that speaks human as well. That's why people love working with me, I make it easy for them to understand and manage all of this tech.

Here's the magic I can work for you


Your website needs to reflect the professional that you are! Let's whip that into shape and make sure your website says who you serve, exactly what you do and how people can contact you.

VIP Days

VIP Days and Half Days are for you if you have a punch list of items that need to get done from website updates to automations to testing, to connecting all of your technology.

Strategy /Coaching

Let's work through your customer journey, map out your marketing plan, review your current marketing plan or sit side by side (virtually or in person) to train you on your technology.

On-Going Support

I have several clients that we work on case by case basis determined by their current needs. From updating your Wordpress site to fine-tuning a workflow to swapping out content & images.




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